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We were particularly delighted to see the publication of a special issue of the Entertainment and Sports Law Journal (ESLJ) on Ken Foster and the Development of Sports Law. Ken Foster is an Associate Fellow of the Centre and previously a member of staff at the Law School. This issue goes some way to celebrate his work and impact on this area of law. The ESLJ is our own open access journal published by University of Westminster Press.

We were delighted to host a lecture to mark the publication of the excellent new book Done Deal, written by Daniel Geey, an Associate Fellow of the Centre who has contributed greatly over the past few years.

Daniel Geey talking about his new book ‘Done Deal’’

Daniel Geey talking about his new book ‘Done Deal’’

Danny Nicol has continued his blogging on Doctor Who.

Pippa Catterall published ‘I’m trans, out and proud. But does that make me brave?’ Gay Star News (4 February 2019) and ‘"Usualising" transgendered people can help break down stereotypes’ Times Higher Education (19 February 2019).

The project ‘Out of the Archives: Sports and Gigs and the Poly’ (a project funded by the British Society for Sports History) was set up on 25 February 2019 and will be working on the Poly’s archives of sports and gig activities at our predecessor the Polytechnic of Central London. More details to follow on this as it progresses.

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