Students graduating from the University of Westminster’s MA Documentary, Photography and Photojournalism degree, will be exhibiting their work at the University’s Ambika P3 gallery in a unique show of work focussing on social, political and economical issues.  

The exhibition, ‘Altered States’, will present a variety of photography: one part of it made up of independent projects which explore exoticism, identity, family and more, while being radically different thematically one from the other. The second part of the exhibition is collective, with a number of students from the graduating class choosing to travel to Port Talbot and document the human side of the steel works crisis so heavily reported in British newspapers.

Despite the group nature of the Port Talbot work, each project shown is significantly different, showcasing the variety and vast capacities of 2016's graduating class. 

Ben Edwards, the course Leader for the MA Documentary Photography and Photojournalism degree described the work of the graduating students as: "documentary photography at its essence, which has the ability to reveal and inform on many levels and to multiple audiences. This years cohort have been examining 'altered states' from China, Morocco to Port Talbot, to survey and evaluate todays mercurial times".

‘Altered States’ is the work of 20 graduating and 2 interim students from 15 different countries globally. It has been extremely beneficial to the class to share culturally different views and present work that reflects their wealth of backgrounds. The production of the exhibition has been supported by Metro Imaging.

The University of Westminster’s MA Documentary Photography and Photojournalism degree provides a unique combination of professional practice and critical understanding for documentary photographers and photojournalists working in the field of editorial and contemporary media practice.

‘Altered States’ will take place from Thursday 18 August to Thursday 25 August, at the Ambika P3 gallery space located at the University of Westminster’s Marylebone campus.

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