The Light and Flight Installation built for the London Festival of Architecture 2017 is on display until 15 July 2017 at the University of Westminster’s Marylebone Campus.

Light and Flight is a collaborative project led by Design Studio 22 (DS22) at the Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment in collaboration with the Palestine Regeneration Team (PART), Golzari - NG Architects and in partnership with Amos Trust.

This installation celebrates the notion of Memory, which is the theme of this year’s London Festival of Architecture. The installation evokes the hidden and dynamic layers of London’s migrant community as London is a city of multiple skins and a home to a large number of migrants and refugees who have left some special memories behind.  To celebrate these, Light and Flight embraces and responds to these memories.

Suspended with wires, the installation represents migrants’ forgotten stories which have shaped the city with its multicultural layers. Floating balloons and lights fill the interior to simulate a sky, a new horizon of hope overtaken by Light and Flight. The seemingly different but connected wing-like elements are placed side by side to resemble a skyscape in motion, inspired by the fragility and resilience of the migrant community.

The work utilises the subtle complexity of programming and emerging technologies, whilst visually rejoicing the physical experience in space. In setting out to achieve this, the team has carried out extensive drawings and model making to evolve the work conceptually.

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