Westminster Law School LLB graduate, Mia Lam, has had an article based on her final year Intellectual Property coursework published by a high-level journal, the King's College Student Law Review.

This is very rare for undergraduate work from any institution and the teaching staff of Westminster Law School are very pleased and proud of Mia's achievement.

Mia said about her work: "My article explores how exclusive intellectual property rights might affect future innovation and creativity. Among other things, my work contemplates cumulative knowledge sharing, and so it's fitting that the publication of my work means my ideas and conclusions can be read and built upon by future IP enthusiasts. I'm sincerely grateful to Dr Simon Newman for sharing with me his extensive knowledge of intellectual property law, yet another testament to the fact that sharing knowledge can both inspire and encourage future creative endeavours."

Read the article online

The granting of intellectual property rights and their effect on the promotion of future innovation and creativity (PDF format).


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