The ‘Learning Futures at Westminster’ strategic initiative has been launched to transform the learning and teaching experience for students and staff at University of Westminster.

Learning Futures is looking at everything from the design of the curriculum and underpinning regulations, to the way in which learning and teaching is delivered and students are assessed.

There have been a number of opportunities for students to get involved, one of these being part of the Student Engagement Taskforce. The Taskforce plays a critical role in the Programme, acting as the voice of students when major changes are discussed.

The first meeting of the Learning Futures Student Engagement Taskforce was held on 20 March 2014. Students from across Faculties and year groups came together to discuss the changes proposed as part of the ‘Learning Futures at Westminster’ strategic initiative. There were some fantastic discussions and the feedback received was really useful and has already been fed into the work of the Programme.

One of the outputs from the meeting was a list of questions that came from the discussions about the proposed changes to Curriculum and Assessment at Westminster. These questions have been answered in our FAQ document.

Learning Futures would like to thank students on the Taskforce for their time and commitment to the Programme.

It is not too late to get involved so keep an eye out for more upcoming news from Learning Futures.

For further information please contact Miriam Hanna, Vice President of Cavendish, on 0207 911 5000 ext. 64867 or [email protected].

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