The way we need to learn for the future is changing. We have a vision that by 2020, the Westminster learning experience will need to be very different. In order for that vision to be successful, the University has launched an innovative new programme called 'Learning Futures' – the first of its kind anywhere.

The University is reviewing its all round strategy and vision, and the Learning Futures programme is looking at the whole learning experience – from the curriculum, assessment and regulations to the way that learning activities are designed and supported.

The aim is that the experience as a student, graduate or member of staff will be entirely different.

The project is being led by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Rikki Morgan-Tamosunas, and so far has already involved staff and students from all over the University, providing an open forum for everyone to get involved in.

Four key projects

There are four key projects to be worked on:

  • Curriculum and Assessment (How many credits in a module? How many exams do students take?)
  • Blended Learning and Teaching (How is technology used in teaching? How do we make courses accessible to all?)
  • Westminster Distinctiveness (How international are we? What do we do to integrate employability and corporate social responsibility and sustainability into the learning and teaching agenda?)
  • Academic Support (How are students supported during their studies? What is their pastoral experience? How can we improve student satisfaction?)

This project is a collaboration across the University, with team leaders selected from staff volunteers and supported by mentors and diverse teams of staff, students and the Students’ Union.

We need you!

We need your help at one of our World Cafe (focus group) events:

  • Tuesday 28 January, 4.15pm, Marylebone Campus, Room CG43
  • Tuesday 4 February, 3.45pm, Harrow Campus, Room TBC

Each session will last for a maximum of 2 hours and we'll be discussing key areas around the projects and getting your insights and experiences. Food will be provided at the end and you'll also get a certificate of participation signed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

Sign up now to join a session (sign-up takes 30 seconds!)

We look forward to having you on board - and thank you for your help,

Rikki Morgan-Tamosunas, Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Miriam Hanna, Vice President of Cavendish, University of Westminster Students' Union

Press and media enquiries

Contact us on:

[email protected]