Dr Andrew Cook, Principal Research Fellow in the University of Westminster’s Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, and leader of air traffic management (ATM) research conducted at the University, has been appointed as member of the SESAR Scientific Committee.

The Department of Planning and Transport academic has been selected to serve on the prestigious Scientific Committee of ten European representatives from the air traffic management industry and academia. SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) is the technological pillar of the Single European Sky. It aims to improve ATM performance by modernising and harmonising systems across Europe. Innovative solutions constitute what is known as the SESAR ‘concept of operations’, improving service delivery, reducing delays and decreasing emissions from aviation, for example.

Regarding his appointment, Andrew commented: “It was a great honour to be invited to join the Scientific Committee, reflecting that the research areas at the core of our team's work are considered well-aligned with European research in the coming years – it’s an exciting opportunity to play a part in shaping this agenda.”

The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Enviornment team has been engaged in over 20 major ATM projects, coordinating most of them, with three current Horizon 2020 / SESAR projects, running through to 2021.  It aims to anchor its research in areas where it sees practical benefit to stakeholders such as the airlines and passengers, seeking to maintain a mix of innovative work and building on existing expertise. Within the SESAR Scientific Committee, Andrew is leading a Task Force on performance measurement, an area in which the ATM team specialises.

Beside research work, Andrew also lectures on air traffic management and quantitative methods on Westminster’s Air Transport Planning and Management MSc as well as on external aviation short courses. He also supervises, coordinates and examines MSc/PhD research internally and externally, and regularly presents on ATM and wider air transport issues at international conferences, universities and various industry meetings.

Find out more about the Air Transport Planning and Management MSc at the University of Westminster – a new module on air traffic management, scheduling and network planning is due to be launched next April.

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