The Westminster Law Review is hosting a Question Time-style topical panel discussion on March 8, 2013, at 7-9:00pm in the Old Cinema.

The panellists are: Dr Radha D'Souza of Westminster Law School; Dr Sean Hamill of the Birkbeck Sports Business Centre; James Welch, the Legal Director of civil liberties campaign group Liberty; Youseff Taha, a BBC Journalist; and Leon Ward, a Westminster law student and Youth Trustee of Plan UK.

Some of the questions that are likely to come up are:

  • Should taxpayers money be diverted from aid to the military;
  • With football TV rights, What's the point of debt limits?
  • Does the media undermine the presumption of innocence?
  • Are Universities a business first and academic institution second?
  • Is security intelligence more important than justice?

If you have a question on a topical issue or would like to attend, please email us [email protected]

Westminster Law Review is an academic journal, founded and completely run by law students. The Question Time discussion is moderated by PhD Student and Editor-in-Chief, Sherif Elgebeily.

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