Our new Graduate School centres on the development and support of researchers. 

The University of Westminster will be launching a university-wide Graduate School in 2012/13 that will lead the delivery of an enhanced doctoral programme for our diverse body of over 400 students, consolidating and integrating the research environment and culture across all disciplines and academic Schools to produce well-rounded early career researchers.

The Graduate School will form a dynamic institutional hub, at the centre of which will be a programme of events, research activities and training sessions. It will bring together doctoral researchers, supervisors, and School-based research centres, to inspire and encourage high-quality innovation and fresh thinking and to foster collaborative research.

The development of doctoral students as early career researchers is a key priority for the Graduate School, which will launch the Doctoral Research Development Programme (DRDP) 2012/13, a comprehensive and systematic programme of researcher development based on Vitae’s Researcher Development Framework.

The Graduate School will aim to enrich the students’ experience of their doctoral programme, by engaging students at every stage in the lifecycle from first point of contact to graduation, providing opportunities for input, representation and feedback through the Research Students’ Forum and the Graduate School Assembly.

Recognising the critical role of the supervisor in guiding and developing the next generation, the Graduate School will support the continuing professional development of our supervisory teams, and create a forum for sharing and enhancing good practice.

The Graduate School Board will be responsible for the regulatory, quality assurance and policy framework for research degree programmes, ensuring that quality and standards are maintained and enhanced in an increasingly competitive marketplace and that innovation takes place within the context of a robust institutional framework.

The Graduate School will involve external stakeholders – research organisations, employers, policy-makers, non-governmental organisations, the media and the wider public – and engage in national and international debate about the present and future of research degree and early research career development.

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