The University of Westminster has recently teamed up with the Eliminating Domestic Violence (EDV) Global Foundation in the launch of their new Youth Council project to give young people a platform for social action in their communities.

EDV Youth Council (EDV YC) has been set up by a group that includes many University of Westminster students and alumni, led by Taiba Razwan (BA International Relations with Arabic, 2014). EDV YC establishes a platform for young people aged 18-25 to work for the elimination of domestic violence - interpersonal violence is the leading cause of death among adolescents and young people worldwide (BMJ, 2011).

EDV Global Foundation has influenced an array of political leaders, governments and organisations to engage in research and develop policies against domestic violence. The University of Westminster is proud to be hosting the EDV YC meetings in the Westminster Forum on Wells Street. The vision of the EDV YC is to empower young people to raise awareness of issues surrounding domestic violence and to encourage young people, along with victims of domestic violence, to speak out about such behaviour. The EDV YC facilitates youth-led campaigns on how to recognise domestic violence and how victims can seek help, equipping YC members with excellent interpersonal, teamworking and other soft skills in finding solutions to these difficult and sensitive issues.

Recently University of Westminster lecturers in International Relations, Criminology and Law were invited to speak at the EDV YC launch event at the House of Lords. The event was attended by all EDV YC members and many distinguished personalities working to see domestic violence eliminated and promoting equal opportunities for youth in the UK. The event was a huge success leaving all YC members inspired to be the change in their communities, to speak out against domestic violence and to never lose sight of their goals and dreams.

EDV YC is grateful to the University of Westminster for their ongoing support and interest; the University is a leader in supporting global youth-led initiatives that bring benefit to Westminster students and young people worldwide. The YC intends to build on its relationship with the University of Westminster and to engage with the University in research into domestic violence.

Any students seeking to be involved with EDV YC - either by applying to be a sub-delegate or working to create an EDV YC Society at the University of Westminster - please email [email protected] for further details.

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