Haider Rahman, who studied the Msc in Business Economics 2006/7 at Westminster is a band member of Pakistan’s most politically active music group Laal.

Laal will be joining forces with home-grown collective Asian Dub Foundation for a poignant peace concert. Performing live in collaboration at at The Alchemy 2016 Festival at The Royal Festival Hall South Bank Centre, in partnership with Samosa Media project on 27 May 2016.

Laal are one of the most popular and also political bands in Pakistan, with an incredible repertoire of sound incorporating rock, electronica, dance and folk. Many of their songs are based on the work of the great Urdu poets Habib Jalib and Faiz Ahmed Faiz, from the 1930s South Asia's progressive writers' movement. Laal has also been at the forefront of Pakistan's human rights activism, leading campaigns on minority rights, gender equality and child labour, standing against sectarian violence and political corruption.

Asian Dub Foundation grew from an East London music collective, a multi-cultural British crew that has become one of the most musically inventive and exciting live bands on the planet. Combining their trademark fusion of electronic beats, reggae, bhangra, punk rock and hip-hop, a full-on Asian Dub Foundation performance is really something to behold.

In 2016, the seventh Alchemy festival brings artists, performers and contributors from around the world together to collaborate, in order to showcase the best of dance, music, theatre, design, fashion, comedy and literature from the UK and South Asia.  ‘

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