Dimitris Parapadakis and Ashif Tejani, Principal Lecturers in Computer Science in the Faculty of Science and Technology have been awarded a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Grant with London-based web analytics consultancy Mezzo Labs. 

The grant of £153,722 will fund a two year research project on Machine Learning, Multimedia and Computer Security. The research undertaken during the project will produce a toolkit of learning algorithms developing a new model of online consumer behaviour.

The project also aims to create a new decision making tool that marketing managers within large commercial organisations can use to help predict customer behaviours in an effort to retain customers and reduce customer churn.

A Masters graduate, known as KTP Associate, will be recruited to work on the project, under the supervision of Ashif Tejani as Knowledge Base Supervisor and Dimitris Parapadakis who is the Academic Lead.

The project, jointly funded by Innovate UK and Mezzo Labs, brings together academic and industry expertise from a range of areas including, machine learning and analytics, multimedia and visualisation, web marketing and the marketing of financial products, data protection and computer security.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP’s) are a government funded programme which aims to help businesses to improve their competitiveness and productivity by using the knowledge and skills within UK Universities.

It also provides academics with the unique opportunity to apply the outcomes of their research to real world business projects, whilst also supporting the development of relevant teaching and research alongside high quality journal and conference publications.

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