Are you an international student currently studying at the University of Westminster? Are you having a great time and would like to share your experience with others? Do you want to win a £100 Amazon voucher?

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Film your story of the 8 segments on your phone, tablet or other device
  2. Write a few accompanying notes
  3. Send it to us!

Filming your story

Film your version of the 8 segments outlined below. They each highlight the different aspects of your University life abroad. For each segment, we have provided a brief below, with examples of things you might want to shoot and things you might want to say in your commentary.

The following guidelines apply to all segments: 

  • You should speak in English in your video. It is up to you whether you want to shoot each of the eight segments in your local language in addition to the English version. However you must provide one version of each segment in English.
  • These segments can be filmed on phones, tablets or flip-cams. We appreciate that it won’t look like a polished “professional” video; but as long as the picture and audio is legible, we’ll accept it.
  • You can shoot some segments selfie-style or shoot from a first person point of view while talking over the top (or get a friend to film you).
  • Please hold your device horizontal for all shots when filming.
  • All you have to provide are the eight raw clips. We will add in post-production effects ourselves later.

Breif: Shot of you talking to camera introducing yourself (with a sign showing the University’s name).

Possible dialogue: "My name is Jennifer; I’m from San Francisco, California and I’m currently studying Marketing at the University of Westminster."

Approximate length: 10 seconds

Brief: Talking straight to camera, talk about yourself, your first impressions and your dreams for the future, including how studying abroad will help achieve these.

Possible dialogue: "I decided to study Marketing abroad because (...). London is an amazing place to study Marketing because (...). My first few weeks in London were (...). I ate a lot of the traditional food such as (...). I was surprised at how close together everything was."

Approximate length: 30 seconds

Brief: Shots of your campus, main University building interiors/exteriors. You can also talk about how classes and teaching differ between your own country and the UK. Is there anything in particular which Westminster and your course focus on? Did anything surprise you?

Possible dialogue: "This is the … building. It’s located in … which is in the heart of London. This is where I have my classes. I have … classes as well as other commitments like (…)." 

Approximate length: 30 seconds

Brief: Shots of London and your local area, which could include well known landmarks or noteworthy areas (where you would take someone who had never been to London before).

Possible dialogue: "This is Camden in London. It’s located in (…), which isn’t far from (…). There are loads of different restaurants and bars such as (…). You can also see a show at (…). It gets really busy on the weekend (…)."

Approximate length: 30 seconds

Brief: Where you study either in one of your classes/lectures or outside of class, eg library or study space. You could talk about how you study and which methods work for you – do you stydy best with music on or do you normally snack while studying? 

Possible dialogue: "This is the main library. This is where I study outside of class. I come in here three or four times a week and stay until (…) It’s great if I’m looking for particular books on (…). The staff are really helpful, like this one time when I (…). Some of the materials which the library is particularly proud of include (…)."

Approximate length: 30 seconds

Brief: Shot of friends you’ve made since arriving and where you hang out for fun or to socialise.

Possible dialogue: "This is my friend who I’ve met since moving to London. We’re on the same course. We usually come to here for a meal in the evening to catch up. This area of the city is known for (...). I’ve discovered (…) cuisine since coming to London. Sometimes we hang out with other people on our course (…) etc."

Approximate length: 30 seconds

Brief: Shots of your accommodation interior, specifically inside your room.

Possible dialogue: "I live here in student accommodation. It’s located in … which is 10 away from campus. It’s a set of shared apartments. I share with a few other students from (...). We each have a room and share a kitchen and social space. We usually cook together a few times a week. I enjoy/don’t enjoy living with them because (…). This is my room which is a bit messy but I’m so busy with work I haven’t had a chance to keep it tidy. I usually Skype my family at my desk here, and do some reading over here too (…)."

Approximate length: 30 seconds

Brief: Final shot of you in same setting as your Introduction segment (with Westminster sign in frame) saying the below line. We’ll use this to conclude your video.

Dialogue: "Come join me at the University of Westminster. Bye!"

Approximate length: 10 seconds


Accompanying notes

The answers you provide to the following topics will make up the editorial section of your story. For each we’ve provided some pointers about things you could talk about. Your answer for each section should be 150-200 words max. Please write your answers in English.


What were your original motivations, goals or hopes when you chose to study at Westminster? Please provide some background and context to the decision to study here (and how the University has met your expectations).

What do you remember about your first week in the UK and at Westminster? What struggles did you overcome, and how? What was the first thing you encountered which made you satisfied that you had made the right decision to study abroad?

If you were to give a stranger a tour of your campus, what landmarks, statues, memorials, buildings, features on campus would you show them or point out? What makes your campus stand out?

Tell us about the local area. Is it a big city or a small town? What are the people like? What is the area famous for (famous figures, foods, inventions, historical or cultural significance)?

How many hours are you on campus for? Are these classes, lectures or seminars? Are there any notable facilities, equipment or materials which the institution is particularly known for, or which you utilise as part of your studies? Where do you go to study outside of class?

What do you do or where do you go to socialise, for leisure or to relax? Tell us about the friends you’ve made and what you do to socialise. Are you a part of any campus societies or clubs? Are there any activities or hobbies you’ve taken up or discovered since arriving in the country?

Where do you live? Is this on or off campus? If you live/have lived in campus accommodation, tell us specifically about this housing and what it is like. Are there kitchen facilities or a social space? Who did you share with? What are some of the perks of this accommodation?


Submitting your story

Once you have collected all this content, please send an email to the International Team at [email protected] with the following:

  • Subject line: My Story at Westminster
  • Your details (name, nationality, age, programme)
  • Written answers to the editorial questions (in MS Word doc)
  • Your raw video clips (via zipped file or a file sharing service like Dropbox or Vimeo)
  • Picture of yourself (490 x 270 pixels minimum, JPEG format)

Deadline: Thursday 31 March 2016


The student who submits the most interesting and creative story will get an Amazon voucher worth £100. Two runners up will each win a £50 voucher.

Press and media enquiries

Contact us on:

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