On Wednesday 14 October, the first group of students involved in students as co-creators hosted an event – Innovate! Co-create! – to talk about their experiences and show how the University is working in partnership with students.

The Chancellor of the University, Lady Frances Sorrell, opened the event. She highlighted how important collaborative working is and how experience of it at University can prepare you for your future career.

Guest speakers from Birmingham City and Winchester Universities presented their experiences of running similar initiatives and spoke about some of the benefits of taking part in schemes like students as co-creators.

The Student Engagement Leads (SELs) created market stalls with activities like quizzes and games to showcase their findings. They also spoke about their experience of working in partnership with academics and the benefits of taking part in students as co-creators work.

The SELs felt that their confidence and networks had grown significantly and that they had acquired many skills. Jasmeet Dihot, SEL for FABE reflected on her time working as a student co -creator saying “I have learned a lot of valuable skills from our co-creators project.” Kiu Sum, SEL for FST discussed her students as co-creators journey; “from learning the skills to communicate with different people around the University, carrying out the pilot projects and promoting student as co-creators, it was an experience I will never forget. I would have never thought of doing this when I first started at Westminster!”

Each faculty will run two projects this year with students and academics working as partners to research ideas for improving your learning experience. Taking part in students as co-creators will allow you to gain skills that will stand out on your CV and enhance your overall student experience.

Interested in becoming involved in a students as co-creators project?

Come to a networking session on 28 October, 2-4pm, for students and staff to develop research questions or meet potential team members:

Room 152-153 (Cayley Room)
309 Regent Street

Want to know more about students as co-creators and how you can get involved? Check out our students as co-creators Google site!

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