Dr David Coker, Lecturer in Accounting, Finance and Governance at Westminster Business School and former Vice President of Global Risk Management at Deutsche Bank, wrote an article for iNews, which discusses Kodak’s newly-introduced cryptocurrency.

Dr Coker explained that even though Kodak completely missed out on the digital photography evolution, the decision to launch its own cryptocurrency is worth the recent spark of excitement and interpreted their step as a positive sign that more cryptobranding is on its way.

He said: “Regardless of the specific reasons, the underlying cryptocurrency technology will position Kodak as agent, financial intermediary and banker for photographers. Effectively Kodak will be able to control the full life cycle of a photograph’s use, extracting a fee at every stage. This is unprecedented when looking at the businesses of existing stock photography companies, who control but one component.”

Read the whole article by Dr David Coker on the iNews website.

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