Since its creation in 2010, IDEaS (Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship and Strategy Research Group) has been expanding its research and organising a series of seminars with international speakers.

Current research areas

Throughout this year, we’ve been building up the capabilities of new researchers in distinct areas, such as: 

  • entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship pedagogy 
  • managerial decision-making and strategy development processes, for example in the recorded music industry 
  • rural innovation and sustainability, in farming communities in Ireland and Malaysia 
  • design management and the relationship between micro-sized fashion designer businesses and manufacturing 
  • brand equity 
  • strategic behaviour in clusters and industrial districts

There are many other areas of activity, all of which are being enhanced by the new members of the group, who are active and enthusiastic researchers. IDEaS also has a number of current PhD students, who are working on topics as diverse as: 

  • identity construction in second generation family business owners in China 
  • open innovation in software development companies 
  • the institutionalisation of corporate social responsibility in Russian energy firms

Finally, recent graduates have examined decision-making in recorded music micro firms and service design innovation.


Regular research seminars have been organised by the group once every three or four weeks. These are forums where research papers are presented, but also sociable occasions where ideas can be shared and discussed.

External speakers are invited on a regular basis. They have included Professor Doug West from King’s College, Professor Kamal Birdi, from Sheffield University, and other guests from the USA and Italy.

Press and media enquiries

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