Students from Westminster’s BA Television course have been commissioned to make a short programme by the IBC.

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The project aims to stimulate a panel discussion about young people’s attitudes and views of the industry by the organisers of Europe’s premier technical trade show, IBC.

Organisers list the University of Westminsters involvement in its programme under:

"Digital spy: Future shock, University of Westminster"

"The web has an innate and invisible ability to spy on any one of us. We take a look into how our own inputting of data is providing the Internet with a comprehensive profile of our true selves. Does the Internet know us better than we do? Is it a lot of fuss over nothing or could our naivety and faith result in trouble?"

The film showing how inputting personal data builds an online profile will be shown at the IBC conference in Amsterdam on Sunday 12 September.

The commissioned video, one of four from international universities, will be provocative, fun and engaging, say organisers.

Jane Thorburn, course leader for BA Television commented that the students (who are about to start their second and third years) responded to the challenge enthusiastically and at very short notice.

“The trip to Amsterdam should present them with a great opportunity to expand their contacts in the industry,” she said.

The Rosanna Saracino, Brittany Pearce and Ross Bolidai based their programme on the internet  and include interviews with private investigators in order to find out how they go about tracking someone online.

They will illustrate it with examples of ways that we are all supplying the internet with these details and the dangers and advantages of the internet knowing us so well.

IBC takes place 9th-14th September 2010 and the Young Professionals’ & Students’ session takes place on the Sunday 12th September at 11.30am. View more details here.

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