Christian Fuchs, Director of the Communication and Media Research Institute at the University of Westminster, wrote two pieces for the HuffPost and The Drum on how creating a public service Internet can challenge the power of Google and Facebook.

In his two pieces, Professor Fuchs explained how digital tech giants Google and Facebook, controlling about two thirds of the revenues in the online advertising market, cause issues for the continued existence and funding of journalism.

He also mentioned the two following reports recently published by the University of Westminster’s Communication and Media Research Institute: “The Online Advertising Tax as the Foundation of a Public Service Internet” and “The Online Advertising Tax: A Digital Policy Innovation” that deepen the engagement with Corbin’s speech’s implications.

These two reports outlined a viable model for how online advertising can be taxed in order to enable the creation of a public service Internet.

Read the full article published by the HuffPost.

Read the full article published by the Drum.

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