During engagement week, the Health Innovation Ecosystem (HIE) launched the Machine Learning Bootcamp ‘Exordium’ with the mission to bust the myths of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Organisers Professor Thierry Chaussalet and Mahmoud Aldraimli invited academics, and researchers from the University of Westminster to a virtual bootcamp to boost their research with applied machine learning, a key research area in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

At the event, over 50 participants had their first hands-on experience in creating and evaluating AI models. The series of six practical sessions was set up to equip all participants with essential theorical knowledge and facilitate multidisciplinary collaborations.

Mahmoud Aldraimli, Research Fellow and Data Scientist in the HIE, who designed and delivered the Bootcamp, said: “Machine learning comes loaded with militant mathematics which could detract researchers in different fields from exploring its powers. Exordium is not about maths, it is about the right way of applying machine learning, ‘the product of math’ in real life. I thank the audience who showed so much passion for learning about the new topic.”

Talking about the event, Professor Thierry Chaussalet, Lead of the HIE and the Health and Social Care Modelling Group at Westminster, said: “The Bootcamp’s popularity has proven the huge appetite that exists for machine learning and AI across disciplines. Its success would not have been possible without Mahmoud’s dedication and brilliant presentation and teaching skills.”

The Health Innovation Ecosystem (HIE) is a University of Westminster initiative focused on interdisciplinary innovation in a national and international health research and knowledge exchange which has been generously supported by the Quintin Hogg Trust.

Screenshot from online Exordium bootcamp

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