Professor Orla Gough has been awarded a major two year Leverhulme Trust grant from April 2012 for £64260 on the topic “Locating Poverty in Retirement among Women of the Asian Diaspora in Britain”.

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Evidence shows that some South Asian women experience greater poverty and disadvantage in retirement compared to other groups of women in Britain. In the past, studied as a homogeneous group, many cultural nuances relating to ethnic differences have not been identified, thus obviating culturally relevant and real solutions to be reached in relation to this economically disadvantaged group.

We propose to fill this research gap by recognising the sub-sections of the South Asian category and identifying different retirement saving strategies used and valued by them. Furthermore, we will take into account any differences between the generations of women and any changes which may be occurring due to greater financial independence in second and third generations. In order to correctly assess these differences this research will incorporate a methodology comprising detailed qualitative analysis in the form of focus groups and in-depth interviews and contextualisation via quantitative analysis of relevant datasets.

Orla now has three major grants on the go – the ESRC, British Academy and Leverhulme and these will provide a major foundation for our blue sky research for the forthcoming REF2014.

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