A week of events as part of the University of Westminster’s Go Green Week promoting eco-friendly living took place across all campuses to drive the University’s sustainability strategy.

The events kicked off at Harrow Campus, promoting Fairtrade coffee, tea and biscuits. There was also a cooking demonstration organised in partnership with Aramark offering more than 150 pancakes to students and staff on campus.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the University’s Sustainability Team visited the Regent Campus, setting up a stall in the Foyer where students took part in a minute energy quiz and also pledged for social responsible initiatives.

The week, which encourages students to live in a more eco-friendly way, then moved to Cavendish Campus on Thursday. Dr Bike technicians were on site, making minor adjustments to bicycles. On Thursday the team focussed on promoting sustainable travel, but students were also able to prepare their own smoothies made from Fairtrade bananas.

Finally, on the last day of the Go Green Week, the event moved to Marylebone Campus. The team handed out chilli seeds from Wahaca and three different variety of plant pots, including basil, daisy and paprika. The aim was to promote green spaces across all of the campuses and also to encourage students and staff members to visit Marylebone Growing Space located at 9 Luxborough Street, where students and staff can learn how to grow vegetables and herbs outside Go Green Week as well, and can take home some of the produce.

Speaking about the week, Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator Andrea Montalvo said: “Go Green Week is a great opportunity to get in touch with students, always raising awareness about climate change whilst having a good time. It has been a powerful scenario to pledge and understand what we can do to be more environmental-minded.

“This year we have received the support of more than 20 students across all sites, and it has been incredible to work in partnership with the Students’ Union and Aramark.”

One of those volunteers, Judy Rifai, commented: “The events are busy and people are taking sustainability into consideration, and taking the information on board.”

Sustainability is a key element in the University of Westminster’s vision for the future and we strive to ensure the very highest standards are met and maintained.

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