A recent article in The Times shows how projects such as the Coca-Cola Hackathon, which involved our business students, can help companies to find solutions to real-life issues.

According to the newspaper, events like the Coca-Cola Hackathon, which took place earlier this year with our business students, are proof that companies are always looking for bright new ideas from students and it’s these schemes that motivate students to achieve more.

After a 24-hour lockdown to develop ideas, the winning team won the £1,000 prize. "We also came up with a location-based app for arranging to meet friends at Bella Italia and a photo booth where you get your photo taken free each time you buy a coke", says Bruna Gonçalves, one of our BA Marketing Communications students.

The article also presents the company's perspective in its interview with Kristin Berg, associate Director of Digital Shopper Marketing for Coca-Cola.

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