Register today to participate in the One Day Diary cycling study with your name, email address, and nominated day (between 20 October and 2 November).

While other researches have studied serious injuries and deaths from cycling, The Near Miss Project, led by Dr Rachel Aldred and her team, targets a more common, yet under-researched phenomenon: the ‘ordinary’ experience of near misses and other non-injury incidents (SMIDSY – Sorry mate, I didn’t see you).

The project aims to research, analyse and document cycling near misses, and contribute to training drivers and transport professionals. It will further enable the cycling public to discuss experiences of near misses and related incidents, the effect that these have had, and their views about preventing such incidents.

The One Day Diary will include information about what happened during the incident, who was involved, what the outcome was, and the emotional impacts of the incident.

The project is now looking for cyclists who will each choose one day between 20 October and 2 November to record any incidents that occur on their cycling journey. To register, please visit The Near Miss Project website or email Dr Rachel Aldred for more information.

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