Five architects and engineers (Nasser Golzari, Jon Broom, Nick Grant, Rowland Keable and Yara Sharif) under the umbrella of the University of Westminster have managed to visit Gaza in a 10-day interactive workshop in partnership with UN-HABITAT.

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The workshop was site-specific focusing on the emergency reconstruction of Gaza within a sustainable agenda which builds on the local initiatives and the empowerment of the community.

Under the theme 'Green Gaza, Sustainable Neighbourhoods', we have just started our journey, and would like to have your support.
We will also be launching the Palestine Regeneration Team (PART).  A design team from the University of Westminster's Department of Architecture is spearheading an innovative approach to urban reconstruction in the troubled regions of the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Murray Fraser, Nasser Golzari and Yara Sharif have set up PART to carry out a range of projects. Realising that the limitation with most western academic analysis is its fixation with the negative aspects of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, the PART team aims instead to find constructive ways to use architecture and urban design to help the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

An event is organised on 12 October 2010 at 6.00pm at the University of Westminster to share the stories of our visit. You are welcome to join in and share the experience.

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