The Residential Life team held a welcome BBQ for students moving into halls at the University’s Harrow Campus on Sunday 15 September. 

The Harrow Campus BBQ

Along with colleagues from the Student and Academic services teams and the University’s Students’ Union, the Residential Life team organised activities and food for the 1000 students moving in to university halls this weekend. They served over 600 halal and vegan burgers along with cake and vegan brownies to residents from all four of the University’s halls. 

Doctors and health teams from local practices were also present at Harrow and Raffles Halls to allow students to sign up to their local GP. 

Students also received the new ‘Westminster Passport’, a wellbeing checklist developed by the Students’ Union and the Student Support and Residential Life team. 

The University of Westminster student-run radio station Smoke Radio provided music as students enjoyed the sun, games and slushies at Harrow campus. 

Dr Peter Bonfield, the University of Westminster’s Vice-Chancellor, who attended the event said: “I think it’s great to have these sorts of events. Wellbeing, health, happiness are my priorities. It’s a great way of helping people to get to know each other right at the beginning. It is a lovely day and a lovely venue.” 

Emmeline Brown, Student Wellbeing and Transition Administrator, said: “The BBQ was an outstanding achievement and something that has not been done before. 

“Joining university can be difficult at the best of times but having something that can unify all the campuses was something that we could never have imagined. It was a great day and a success on our behalf and something we would love to do again.”  

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