First London and South East Forensic Student Conference was an exciting day bringing together delegates from across the UK united by an interest in Forensics.

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1st London and South East Forensic Student conference.
University of Westminster 24 March 2010

The School of Life Sciences hosted a Forensic Student Conference on 24 March. More than sixty people from across the UK attended.
The day started with a fascinating talk by Dr Martin Hall from the Natural History Museum entitled “Fly on the Wall: the role of insect evidence in criminal investigations” followed by a morning of student talks. Lunch provided a great networking opportunity including the poster session. The afternoon started with a Keynote presentation by Dr Angray Kang (School of Life Sciences) detailing his work with anthrax, a bioterrorism issue and then further student presentations.

We had abstracts and talks from students in Forensic related disciplines from across the University including talks: on DNA storage (Lucy Neale, School of Life Sciences), Benjamin Donnachie and Nikolaos Tountas ECS), Donna Taylor (Psychology) and Nicolas Geades (Imaging and Photography, MAD). The remaining student talks were selected from external student abstracts. In addition to the excellent standard of talks covering a very broad range of forensic topics, there were some very interesting posters.

We are grateful to Wiley and Elsevier for supplying us with prizes to award to the students. The Forensic Institute Travel Bursary was awarded to Amoret Whitaker from the Natural History Museum and Kings College London to present her work at the FORREST conference in Coventry in June.

Following on from the positive comments from delegates, we will pencil 13 April 2011 into the calendar for 2nd London and South East Forensic Student Conference.

Dr Caroline Smith, School of Life Sciences

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