In an article for Fast Company, Professor Sarah Niblock, Associate Dean of the University of Westminster, commented on aspects of American music icon Prince’s life and how he was influenced in his choice of creative space. 

Commenting on the location that Prince chose for building his kingdom, Paisley Park, Sarah Niblock, also a co-author of Prince: The Making of a Pop Icon, noted that the Minneapolis choice is a symbolic indicator of Prince’s physical dedication to his Midwestern roots.

She explained that Prince has grown up living as part of African-American community in a predominantly white population in Minneapolis and highlighted that this has played a significant role in forming his talent for blending musical styles.

Referring to local radio stations and music clubs which did not want to associate with black music at that time, Sarah Niblock said: “Prince went through huge battles to put the Twin Cities on the map as a global center for black musical innovation.”

Speaking about Paisley Park which was his home and recording studio situated in the distance of the residential area of Chanhassen, Minnesota right before a highway entrance, she added: “No wonder he wanted to create a permanent monument to that struggle, right on the highway so no one could ignore it.”

Read the whole article on the Fast Company magazine’s website.

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