Pip Paz-Howlett, who studies Fashion Design BA Honours, has won the BFC Education Foundation BA Scholarship 2016 scholarship from the British Fashion Council.

The scholarship, which was only created this year, gives students financial support towards living expenses and the costs of creating their final collections, helping them to make a significant contribution to the fashion industry.

Pip Paz-Howlett is a menswear designer, who specialises in silkscreen and fabric printing. Pip was chosen for the award because of his dedication to the fashion industry. During his time at the University of Westminster, Pip has worked at Louis Vuitton in Paris, as well as Craig Green in London.

Speaking about the scholarship, Pip said: “Winning the scholarship gives me the opportunity to explore more avenues of print and fabric more thoroughly that I wouldn't have been able to do before receiving the prize. It's also saved me a lot of time by outsourcing and getting machinists to make my garments and accessories for me, whilst I can focus on the textile and design parts of the collection.

“I'm really grateful for the scholarship as without it I doubt I wouldn't be anywhere near as happy with how my final collection looks like so far.”

The competition was open to all Fashion Design courses across the country and two recipients were selected to win the scholarship by a number of fashion industry experts.

The Fashion Design BA Honours course is led by Andrew Groves. “It is fantastic that Pip has won the BFC scholarship award,” he said when asked about Pip’s success.

“He spent his internship year working with Craig Green and Louis Vuitton, so when he came back, he had very ambitious ideas of how he wanted his final runway collection to look like. This money means he can realise his vision in what he wants to do without having to compromise on either design, fabric, or make.”

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