Head of Professional Legal Studies, Graham Robson, gave a presentation on Advanced Lawyer-Client Skills to law students and lecturers from across Finland at the first Finnish National Client

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The event and competition took place at the University of Eastern Finland at Joensuu, about 400 km north-east of Helsinki.

Graham was invited to judge the competition and to share his expertise in organising and running international student competitions.

He was impressed with the level of the competition: “I was very impressed by the high standard of English of law students speaking in their second or third language. To make matters even trickier, they were interviewing clients whose first language wasn’t English either!”

Graham’s expertise in this area is reflected in his roles as Chair of the Client Interviewing Competition for England & Wales and an Executive Committee member of the International Client Counselling Competition.

As well as client interviewing, he has been instrumental in setting up, organising and developing national and international competitions in negotiation and mediation skills including hosting international and national events at the university’s Law School.

Westminster law students have represented England & Wales 4 times in the International Client Counselling Competition. See www.law-competitions.com (hosted by the university) for more information.

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