The University’s Harrow Campus has recently gained electric vehicle (EV) charging points to support the University’s sustainability goals and encourage use of electric vehicles.


Staff and students can now drive their electric vehicles to Westminster’s Harrow Campus, thanks to the new EV charging points that have recently been installed at the campus. 

Six charging points have been installed in the Harrow Campus car park, using 100 per cent renewable energy to charge the vehicles. 

The installation addresses the Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a better and more sustainable future by encouraging staff and students to be more responsible with the way they travel and use renewable energy to charge their vehicles.

Talking about the new addition, Sustainability Coordinator Jordan Lamb said: “The sales of electric vehicles (EVs) in the UK is rising and so is the demand for charging points. The University has now installed its first Electric Vehicle charging points at Harrow Campus. These six EV charging points now allow colleagues and students to travel in a more sustainable way to university.

“100 per cent of the energy we source at the University is renewable so anyone charging their car at our charging point will have fuelled their car from a renewable source. Actions like these demonstrate how the University is committed to the sustainable development goals.”

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