Senior Lecturer Angela Mansi invited Professor Pascale Debuire to teach her Social Psychology students on 20 April as part of the Erasmus Exchange Teaching Programme.

Professor Pascale Debuire works at the Institut Supérieur du Commerce, Paris and is Professor of Management and Organizational Behavior, as well as Head of English. She has an MBA from New York and has taught in Paris for 15 years.

Angela gave a lecture on the psychology of creativity to Pascale’s postgraduate students in June 2009 at the ISC Business School in Paris and Pascale visited in April, in the midst of travel delays due to volcanic ash, and taught WBS students about communication at work, particularly the difference between the French and English!
It was a very informative, lively, and highly enjoyable presentation and the students’ feedback was extremely positive.

We look forward to future teaching exchanges with the ISC and WBS and continuing to develop strong links with each other over the next few years.


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