The Environmental Society has teamed up with the initiative Meals for the NHS to raise £1,500 on behalf of the Westminster community to provide free meals for Northwick Park Hospital staff. 


Meals for the NHS have provided Westminster with a unique code to donate all funds raised by Westminster staff and students directly to provide meals to staff at Northwick Park Hospital, next door to Harrow Campus. The Society is asking the Westminster community for donations of up to five pounds for the fundraiser and have set a target to raise £1,500 for the hospital. 

100 per cent of donations will purchase meals for hospital workers, including food, delivery costs and payment processing fees. Meals for the NHS have already delivered almost 95,000 meals to 86 hospitals in the UK and have raised £1,290,304 of their £2,000,000 goal.

Talking about the Westminster fundraising drive for Northwick Park Hospital, Environmental Society President Dain Son said: “As someone who is very much passionate about food security, it did not sit well with me that NHS workers were struggling to shop for food during shifts and I felt a strong urge to find a way that we could help as a student group and a University.

“I got in touch with Meals for the NHS as their operations seem to be very transparent and clear, and when I spoke with one of their team members, they were so keen to help us and accommodate to our requests so we could track the donations being made by Westminster. I thought this was the perfect opportunity for us to show our incredible Westminster compassion to the wider community.

“From a student perspective, I feel the university has done so much to provide immense support and help since the lockdown began. I felt it was only fair for us to give back the support to other Westminster students and staff through the quarantine care package initiative and try to spread that support to the wider community as much as we can!”

Click here to donate to the Meals for the NHS fundraiser using the code ‘UOW’. 

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