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Drew Cattanach, Lecturer on the Computer Games Development BSc Honours course, has written an article for The Conversation about the benefits of playing video games during Coronavirus isolation. 


With many schools closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, children being at home can be a challenge for parents who have to both educate their children and keep them busy. Due to this, many people have turned to video gaming.

Cattanach said: “Children feel loneliness for different reasons based on their age, pre-adolescent children might experience loneliness if there are no peers to play with. While adolescents may experience loneliness if they are not able to discuss their feelings or thoughts.

“To alleviate this need for structure and social contact it might be beneficial to schedule time around the “school day” to allow your children to connect and socialise with their school friends through online multiplayer games.”

Read the full article on The Conversation.

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