Submissions of abstracts for presentations are now invited for the Dresden Nexus Conference 2017, hosted by UNU-Flores.

Under the umbrella 'SDGs and the Nexus Approach: Monitoring and Implementation', the conference will encompass both rural and urban issues, focusing on multifunctional land-use systems and the management of resources in resilient cities.

The conference series applies a 'nexus' approach to understanding resource management and achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This approach 'integrates environmental management and governance across sectors and scales. It is based on the understanding that environmental resources are intricately interconnected. Considering their mutual dependencies in environmental management increases resource use efficiency whilst at the same time minimising environmental risks and ecological degradation.' See the conference series website

Professor Simon Joss of the Eco-Cities Initiative will be co-convening a session on ‘Smart Green Cities and the Water-Soil-Waste-Energy Nexus’. He also serves on the conference advisory committee.

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