Dr Spinder Dhaliwal, Reader in Entrepreneurship, wrote an article for University Business about the rise of young female entrepreneurs.


In the article, Dr Dhaliwal said: “Businesses owned by young entrepreneurs are diverse and include traditional businesses such as property and fashion, as well as high tech businesses like apps and specialist websites. The technology era has opened doors for budding entrepreneurs and enabled them to start-up businesses cheaply and quickly.”

She added: “Millennials are increasingly driving entrepreneurship, with 52,000 undergraduates in the UK already running their own businesses.”

She gave examples of young female entrepreneurs, including Westminster Business School alumna Sarah Watkinson-Yull who owns independent shoe brand Yull.

She added: “As entrepreneurship becomes increasingly vital for the growth of the economy, more and more young graduates are taking up the chance to run their own business. It is the young entrepreneurial talent that is needed to identify gaps in the market and use these as opportunities for business success.

Read the full article on University Business’ website.

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