Dr Sigrun Lange, Senior Lecturer on the Biomedical Sciences BSc Honours course, has been featured in an article by CRx Magazine about her research into the antibiotic potential of cannabis. 


In September 2019, a first of its kind study, which was designed and led by Dr Lange, published ground-breaking research demonstrating a novel pathway on how naturally derived CBD acts against bacteria and increases the effectiveness of antibiotics. 

Dr Lange said: “CBD in combination with different antibiotics was found to have more bacterial killing effects than the antibiotics alone.” 
In the study, CBD affected the structure, composition and number of membrane vesicles released from the bacteria. Dr Lange said about this:

“This indicates that CBD, in combination with specific antibiotics, may be used to selectively target bacteria to make them less antibiotic resistant via such membrane vesicle release alterations. These findings reveal a significant new pathway of CBD-mediated antibiotic effects, and highlights that CBD added to antibiotic treatment may lead to the development of a novel adjunct treatment to help reduce antibiotic resistance.”

Read the full article on the CRx Magazine website.

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