Dr Shirley Thompson OBE, Composer and Reader in Composition and Performance, has created a ‘Postcard from Composers’ video for BBC Radio 3 called ‘Mabuika! (A Taino Welcome).  

Screenshot of video of Shirley Thompson
Credit: BBC

The Postcard from Composers initiative at BBC Radio 3 provides a snapshot of the current UK music scene and British contemporary composers. The videos include a wide variety of genres and approaches and feature established artists and emerging talents. The music is recorded by BBC Orchestra instrumentalists in audio or audio-visual form.

Dr Thompson said in the video: "Thank you for listening to my musical postcard, a tenor trombone solo from Symphony Jamaica, a large-scale historical project that’s been on the backburner for ages, and I’ve taken the opportunity to work on this during the COVID-19 pandemic. The tenor trombone solo is taken from the opening movement entitled Mabuika! (A Taino Welcome). The Tainos were the indigenous people of large parts of the Caribbean including the island of Jamaica where my parents are from.”

Watch Thompson’s Postcard on the BBC website.

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