Dr Serena Masino, Lecturer on the International Development Management MSc course, was interviewed for The Guardian about the effects of Coronavirus in Italy. 

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Italy has seen increasing cases of Coronavirus and the number of deaths across Italy has overtaken China as the country with most fatalities in the pandemic. With cases in Campania rising from 120 to 652 in 10 days, there are significant fears that those in the south will struggle to cope with an escalation in cases.

Dr Masino said: “But the problem is that Campania could become a point of reference for other regions in the south that don’t have much capacity. Doctors there are very concerned about a lack of equipment. As of Wednesday, we still had doctors in the main Covid-19 hospitals in Naples without face masks. One doctor had been using the same one for three days. The other concern is family doctors. In Calabria they received masks and goggles last week, but in Campania, as of Wednesday, they had nothing.”

Dr Masino also discussed the issue on BBC World News.

Read the full article on The Guardian.

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