Dr Rachel Aldred, Reader in Transport Planning and Management, was interviewed on BBC Radio 4 about the ban against diesel cars entering central zones in Bristol.

Portrait of Rachel Aldred

Bristol City Council agreed in early November to ban privately owned diesel cars from a central zone in the daytime. This was done in a bid to cut air pollution created by these cars. The scheme, which still needs government approval, is due to start in 2021. 

In response to whether this is a big moment, Dr Aldred said: “I think in terms of the principle that we can ban cars from part of the city centre this is a step forward. It is a fairly limited step but given the challenges that we face, given the carbon emissions, the air pollution impact of cars, I think it’s really important to have that principle there and we can start discussing where to go further from that.”

Listen to the full episode on BBC Sounds. 

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