Dr Kathryn Waddington, Reader in Work and Organisational Psychology, was interviewed on LBC Breakfast about people going back to work post-lockdown. 

Kathryn Waddington smiling at the camera

The Sutton Trust has revealed that over a third of employers have said they will hire fewer or no new staff and over 60 per cent of employers have cancelled work experience placements, according to a new report. Treasury Minister Steve Barclay has also said that a longer furlough scheme will see employees losing their skills.

Dr Waddington said: “We used to talk about a job for life and there’s no such thing as a job for life now. People in their twenties will have a varied life span and different careers maybe. What you do in your twenties might not be what you do in your thirties, so I think we have to have a degree of adaptation and adjustment to the current situation. 

“I also think, for some jobs, it’s important to focus on those who have gone back to work and where it’s working well, rather than those who aren’t going back to work, and what can we learn from the companies who have got it right.”

Listen to the full programme on LBC’s Global Player.

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