Dr Julian Allen, Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight, has written a piece in The Engineer with Dr Tom Cherrett from the University of Southampton about the challenges online shopping has for logistics providers. 

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Online shopping has rapidly increased, from parcels, packages, groceries and hot meals ordered online. This has led to a wide range of vehicles that use road and kerbside space, which in turn contribute to air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. All of this can lead to a reduction in freight transport efficiency. 

They wrote in the article: “Our research has indicated that in dense urban areas, 'portering' (the carriage of freight by people on-foot) and cargo cycles, once a mainstay of delivery systems before the advent of the combustion engine, should be re-visited as sustainable solutions. This requires companies to re-engineer their delivery systems using logistics hubs and mobile depots (i.e. trailers used as storage locations) positioned close to delivery catchments to make these modes operationally viable.”

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