Dr Hannah Copley, Lecturer in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, wrote an article for The Conversation about writing a love poem for Valentine’s Day. 

Rose petals on a lined piece of white paper and an ink pen

Dr Hannah Copley wrote: “For many, this year’s Valentine’s Day will be like no other. If you are spending the day apart from your loved ones, and don’t fancy the card selection at your local Tesco, writing a poem can be a more personal way to reach out and connect. Indeed, to paraphrase John Donne, ‘more than kisses, [poems] mingle souls’.”

Discussing the different types of poems, she wrote: “Whether it’s heartfelt or more lighthearted, a list poem is an opportunity to remember the quirks that make up a relationship. Half prayer, half receipt, it can quantify the seemingly unquantifiable, as the need to find the next answer to the opening question forces you to think creatively and explore beyond the obvious.” 

Read the full article on The Conversation’s website.

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