Dr Faith Gordon, Lecturer in Criminology and Director of the Youth Justice Network presented a plenary entitled: ‘Children’s rights and their digital identity: balancing best interests, autonomy and consent’, on 7 June at the “Have ‘Generation Tagged’ lost their privacy?” event.

The event funded by the British and Irish Law Education and Technology Association, discussed the legislative, regulatory and ethical framework surrounding the depiction of young children on digital, online and broadcast media. The event was organised in conjunction with The Centre for Information Rights, the University of Winchester and The Information Law and Policy Centre, and the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies. Keynote speakers including Film Director Baroness Beeban Kidron, Professor Eric Barendt and Legal Director Ms Nicola Cain were also present at the conference. 

In collaboration with Professor Laura Lundy, Director of the Centre for Children’s Rights at Queen’s University in Belfast, Dr Gordon is developing new topical research in this area.

When asked about her participation in the event, Dr Gordon stated: “I was honoured to represent the Youth Justice Network and the Centre for Children’s Rights at this significant event on the very important contemporary rights-based issue of balancing children’s best interests, autonomy, and consent in the digital age.  I have been researching in the field of children, young people and media for over ten years and the feedback received at this event indicated the need for this kind of empirical research to be referred to in debates and policy development, in this ever-expanding area of law”. 

Following this event workshop, a draft report will be produced and will be accessible via open access publication.

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