This year’s annual FST Doctoral Conference, attended by more than one hundred research students and academics, took place on 19 April. 

This event was a great celebration of research conducted within all academic units of the Faculty. Our doctoral students delighted us with professionally prepared presentations. Depending on the stage of their study they either shared specifics of their work that was already undertaken, or talked through detailed plans and vision of the work being conducted now, and planned for the future. This was a good testimony to not only excellent research work conducted by the students themselves, but also to support they received from their supervisors and research groups they are embedded in. 

In tribute to Mr Khaled El-Abbasy a PhD student who sadly died in February this year, his DOS Dr Natasha Angelopoulou gave a talk about his research and about his professional plans, ambitions and motivations.

All technical presentations were assessed by panels of assessors delegated to each of the six sessions. The winners (w) and runners up (r) of the Best Presentation competition for each session are:

Full-length presentations in Biomedical Sciences and Psychology

  • Monisah Usman (w)
  • Nicoloa Faramarzi (r)

Full-length presentations in Computer Science and Engineering

  • Edward Fry (w)
  • Maria Marda (r)

Full-length presentations in Life Sciences

  • Isabel Orlando (w)
  • Sheila Piarali (r)

Short presentations in Biomedical Sciences and Psychology

  • Zoe Pounder (w)
  • Amy Edwards (r)

Short presentations in Computer Science and Engineering

  • Hykoush Asaturian (w)
  • Mahmoud Aldraimli (r)

Short presentations in Life Sciences

  • Zain Aziz (w)
  • Lucy Forbes (r) 

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