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We believe that everyone should have access to the educational and work opportunities the University provides, and so we are pleased to announce the launch of a new online resource aimed at helping disabled staff, students and visitors get to and around our sites more easily.

Working with DisabledGo, we have provided as much information as possible about our estate to ensure that we are an accessible and welcoming environment for all.

On the University’s DisabledGo webpages, you’ll find Access Guides that provide detailed information about visiting our various sites and facilities, including the libraries, teaching areas, and eating venues at each campus. The guides will be reviewed annually to ensure all details are up to date.

The University’s DisabledGo webpages and Access Guides can be found at

Since 2000, DisabledGo has provided online Access Guides for many organisations such as local councils, universities and NHS trusts. Their team visited us in August and September 2011 to survey our campuses and has been working on compiling these guides since then. Every campus was visited and areas such as libraries, lecture theatres, cafes, student accommodation and sporting facilities were surveyed.

Visit the DisabledGo homepage to find out more about the organisation

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