Seven teams of University of Westminster students studying on the Computer Games Development BSc course have produced and published games on GooglePlay and iTunes.

All seven games fully designed and programmed by second and third year Westminster game students, were developed as part of the AppBoxMedia Apprentice Competition.

The competition is running for the second time in collaboration with the Westminster Games and Creative Society, and is an excellent opportunity for the students involved to enrich their portfolios and create something that directly places them in the games market. The students also received support and mentoring from professionals provided by AppBoxMedia.

Speaking about the importance of students having the opportunity to participate in external events, Course Leader in Computer Games Development, Markos Mentzelopoulos said: “The important benefits of participating in these external events are that students are able to network with professionals, demonstrate course learned skills under stressful and demanding conditions, and build up their portfolios and work experience.”

The AppBoxMedia Apprentice competition has the main aim of proving to recruiters that students have talent as well as the skills and determination to have successful careers. Students who compete gain access and feedback from today’s competitive job market, and entering the competition can dramatically enhance the students’ employability and career opportunities.

Michael Davison, Strategy Director of AppBox Media, said: “At AppBox Media, we firmly believe in the nurturing of new development talent and giving opportunities to junior developers. With this in mind, we launched the APPrentice competition in 2015, allowing students to compete for prizes and demonstrate their abilities in mobile game design and development. We're delighted by the number of entries we have received from Westminster students, and will be posting updates on the competition on our website soon.”

The Computer Games Development BSc course is taught within the University of Westminster’s Faculty of Science and Technology. At Westminster, students are encouraged to be global citizens, professional leaders, and lifelong learners, appreciating the need for interdisciplinary approaches in understanding and resolving the constantly evolving intellectual, professional and business challenges of the 21st century.

The games - named Rolls, Rush Touch, Pandarity, Pixel!, Flipping Awesome Pancake Game, Planetary Defender and City Flight - are now available for Android and iOS. Download them now for Android, and for the iOS versions search for “Polat Hassan” in iTunes.

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