If you complete your student experience survey (NSS or SES) by 8 March you can collect £5 printer credit and a prize for your school.

The school that achieves the highest combined response rate for the NSS and SES at the end of our 5 week promotion campaign (Friday, 8 March) will be awarded a prize for staff and students to share.

Here are the latest school response rate results:

Architecture and Built Environment SES: 23% NSS: 33%
Electronics and Computer Science SES: 27% NSS: 44%
Life Sciences SES: 39% NSS: 33%
Law SES: 22% NSS: 55%
Media, Arts and Design SES: 33% NSS: 35%
Social Sciences, Humanities and Languages SES: 31% NSS: 48%
Westminster Business School SES: 25% NSS: 28%

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