From 26 to 28 November, CSD is hosting three visiting researchers from VetAgroSup (VAS) Institute, Irstea and UMR Métafort in Clermont Ferrand, France.

CSD has previously collaborated with these researchers on a European Commission-funded project.

On 27 November at 3pm, the researchers are leading a seminar, introducing their recent research which addresses environmental and land use conflicts. Their research employs institutional and ecological political economy approaches, involving a range of case studies including agriculture and water management, across different geographical contexts in Europe and South East Asia.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students of environmental politics and governance will be attending this workshop. There will be an opportunity to discuss the internship opportunities that VAS are providing for some of our undergraduate students.

The French colleagues from VAS and UMR are also participating in a further one-day research workshop on 28 November entitled Governance, steering and coordination: exploring political economy approaches.

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