Dr Enrica Papa, Senior Lecturer in Transport Planning in the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, talked to City AM about the number of planning challenges London is going to face in the next decade, including population growth, environmental issues, housing and transport.

She said: “I think, in the long term, there is an issue of integrating transport and land use, meaning where to locate new developments in order to reduce the need of travel.”

“That means, for example, increased density in old station areas that are more connected. So a strong link between connectivity, accessibility and new development – this is related both to both housing and a number of other economic activities.

“So a strong interaction between land use and transport [is needed]. This would mean not just reducing the need for travel, but reducing the need for car use,” Dr Papa explained.

“It seems that transport modes compete with one another and this is not happening in other world cities where everything is integrated.”

Regarding autonomous vehicles, she said: “All the transport people are talking about autonomous vehicles, which is something I’m quite interested in, but at the same time I think that we should not be that fascinated by the new technologies, but really think in a strategic way. Our priority should be to reduce the need for travel, really reducing times and distances,” Dr Papa said.

Read the full piece in City AM.

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