Chantal Gautier, Lecturer in Psychology and Business, wrote an article for The Independent about Boris Johnson’s leadership style.


In her article, Chantal Gautier discussed the behaviour of politicians and their effective and ineffective leadership styles, particularly that of current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. 

Chantal noted that personality traits of the leaders themselves were previously the prime focus, however, more recent theories point towards the leaders’ actions and their behaviour towards their followers. 

Discussing the traditional traits of a leader, known as ‘trait theory’, she said: “When comparing Theresa May and Boris Johnson, the differences are pretty clear. Johnson displays many of those traditional traits, May displayed fewer. 

“Some may say May’s inability to push her deal through parliament was the result of poor leadership. The difficulty is that we’ll never know if Johnson, in a similar position, would have suffered the same fate.”

Commenting on whether charisma makes a good leader, she said: “It is a short walk from charisma to manipulation or even cockiness. This raises some interesting questions about how our current PM might be engaging with peers and subordinates. 

“The evidence we have is that most of his communications to the public have been deemed untrustworthy, with the latest reports suggesting the government has been misleading the public about progress in Brexit negotiations with Brussels.”

She concluded that Johnson must control his ego and cockiness during pressing times in the UK, and said: “Boris Johnson’s leadership skills and approach to negotiation will play a pivotal role in how the UK will leave the EU. That simple fact is troubling.”

Read the full article on The Independent’s website.

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